Second Sight: Psychic Investigation Services

This website is to pursue justice for those who have died in an unjust way. The eyes and the ears of the universe are everywhere. Somewhere, if not here there is an answer. Even if the truth is not found, we must always hold onto hope. Faith, Hope, and Charity are the backbones of the world.

Psychic Investigative Services are for those who have lost someone to murder and other unfortunate mishappenings. We look into old homicides, missing and exploited children, other forms of death where closure is needed. We work with psychic's, mediums, remote viewers, Dowsers, and other people who have psychic abilites to help find potential answers to unsolved crimes.

Chantal Cash is currently a criminal justice student and not only does she work for the laws of the Universe and those of Creator she works for the laws of justice in the physical world. Her helpers and other workers of intuition she works with come from all walks of life and have varying degrees and experience.

In addition, this site is also to reach out as a resource and help line to those who have questions about the paranormal and spirits and if you are experiencing a "haunting" know that your experience is truly unique and it is ok to talk to someone you trust in this field.

Whether you have lost someone through natural causes, illness, a car accident or murder; please realize that all death is experienced not only by those who are left behind but by those who had the experience. Not all souls cross over willingly. Some souls stay behind due to unfinished business. Other spirits, are seemingly "trapped" here. Truly, this is more often than not about the person and their fears when they died. Sometimes people die spontaneously as in the case with a car accident or murder. These souls are not lost, they truly are in shock and sometimes it takes some getting used to for them.

Each spirit or soul is unique in that sense of the word. Compassion and understanding that death is not limiting--it is truly a part of living. So, let us explore this world together and realize that the other side is not what is frightening but often our beliefs that are allowing us to live in fear; not only in life, but for many in death. It is time to lose our fears and embrace love and help those to transition with this in mind: No Fear creates more LOVE.

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